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SY 2013-2014 (Third and Fourth Year High School)



June 04 (Tuesday)

Opening of Classes

June 12 (Wednesday)

Philippine Independence Day

June 24 (Monday)

441st Manila Foundation Day

August 7 (Wednesday) & 8 (Thursday)

1st Periodic Examination (Chinese Instruction)

August 9 (Friday)

Eid-ul Fitr (Feast of Ramadan) – tentative

August 12 (Monday) – 14 (Wednesday)

1st Periodic Examination (English Instruction)

August 21 (Wednesday)

Ninoy Aquino Day

August 26 (Monday)

National Heroes Day

August 27 (Tuesday)

National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) for K to 12 Grade 8 (Second Year High School Students)

August 28 (Wednesday)

National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) for BEC Y3 (Third Year High School Students)

September 27 (Friday)

CKSC Teacher’s Day Celebration

September 28 (Saturday)

ACFSP’s (Association of Chinese-Filipino Schools in the Philippines) declared Teacher’s Day Celebration

October 10 (Thursday) & 11 (Friday)

2nd Periodic Examination (Chinese Instruction)

October 14  (Mon) ,16 (Wed), 17 (Thu)

2nd Periodic Examination (English Examination)

October 15 (Tuesday)

Eid-ul Adha (Festival of Sacrifice)- tentative



October 17 (Thursday afternoon)

Second Semester Begins

October 19 (Saturday)

School-wide Celebration of CKSC’s 74th Foundation Anniversary

October 26 (Saturday)

Cultural Presentation and Classes 1943, 1953, 1963, & 1988 Alumni Diamond, Golden, and Silver Anniversary Homecoming

October 30 am (Wednesday)

74th CKSC Foundation Anniversary Celebration

October 30 pm to November 05 (Tuesday)

Semestral Break

November 01 (Friday)

All Saints Day

November 2 (Saturday)

All Souls Day

November 06 (Wednesday)

Classes and Office Resume

November 30 (Saturday)

Bonifacio Day

December 14 (Saturday)

Christmas Party

December 18 (Wed) – 20 (Friday)

3rd Periodic Examination (English Instruction)

December 21 (Sat)  – January 05 (Sunday) 2014

Christmas Vacation

December 25 (Wednesday)

Christmas Day

December 30 (Monday)

Rizal Day

January 06 (Monday), 2014

Classes Resume

January 30 (Thursday) – Feb 1 (Sat)

Chinese New Year Celebration

February 25 (Tuesday)

28th EDSA  People Power Anniversary

March 5 (Wednesday)

National Achievement Test (NAT) for 4th Year High School

March 06 (Thursday) & 07 (Friday)

Final Examination (Chinese Instruction)

March 10 (Monday) to 12 (Wednesday)

Final Examination (English Instruction)

March 14 (Friday)

Victory Luncheon

March 26 (Wednesday)

High School Graduation Exercises

March 27 (Thursday)

Closing Ceremonies & Distribution of Report Cards

March 28 (Friday) to 31 (Monday)

Summer Enrollment

April 01 (Tuesday) to 13 (Sunday)

Main Campus Is Closed for Summer Vacation

April 7 (Monday)

Araw Ng Kagitingan

April 14 (Monday)

Summer Classes Begin

April 17 (Thursday) to April 20 (Sunday)

Holy Week

May 1 (Wednesday)

Labor Day

May 24 (Saturday)

Summer Classes End



Sep 18

Reschedule for First Term Exams SY 2019-2020

Sep 10

Schedule of Periodic Examination SY 2019-2020 Term 1


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小學,初中 「六日學習單元週期」

 April 2 (Mon)
 4月2日 (星期一)  

 Day 1

 April 3 (Tue)

 Day 2

 April 4 (Wed)
 4月4日 (星期)

 Day 3

 Mar 22 (Thurs)
日 (星期)

 Day 3

 Mar 23 (Fri)
 3月23日 (星期)

 Day 4

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