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School of Business, Accountancy, and Hotel & Restaurant Management

Business and Accountancy Programs

The Business, Accountancy, Accounting Technology, and Entrepreneurship programs are committed to the pursuit of excellence in undergraduate business education to prepare the country’s future businessmen with the knowledge, skills, and ethics related to the requirements of the business community.

Specific Objectives:

  • To equip students with adequate theoretical and practical knowledge in accounting, business law, taxation, and finance
  • To enable the students to acquire skills and competencies in the proper application of ICT to entrepreneurship and other related business practices.
  • To inculcate in the students the values of integrity, honor, and social responsibility
  • To prepare the students to meet the requirements for licensure examinations
  • To develop the students’ analytical and critical thinking skills and train them to become globally competitive


Hotel and Restaurant Management Program

The HRM program is designed to provide quality and relevant Ladderized Education Program (LEP) in response to Executive Order No. 356. It  intends to create a “seamless and borderless education and training system that allows mobility in terms of flexible entry and exit into the educational system” which will:

  • enhance employability and support employment  of   young individuals of the country, by equipping them with  competencies that will help them get gainful employments within a shorter time;
  •  help alleviate poverty, as employment would redound to increased family income; and
  •  promote lifelong learning, as competencies learned would lead to the development of the full potential of the individual.

Specific Objectives:

  • To train students to be fully equipped, not only with the knowledge and skills in (a) Front Office Services, (b) Housekeeping, (c) Bartending, (d) Food and Beverage Services, (e) Baking and Pastry Production, (f) Commercial Cooking and (g) Tour Guiding, but also help them get the National Certificates of Competencies for these skills from the Technical Education, Skills, and Development Authority (TESDA) 
  • To enable the students who are assessed to have attained the competencies in any of the seven technical courses in the BSHRM program to land a job even before finishing the degree program 



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