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Chiang Kai Shek College | 菲律濱中正學院

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Progress Through Education

School of Education

General Objective :

The CKS College Teacher Education program aims to prepare globally-competitive professional educators in promoting quality and excellent Chinese Language and Chinese Literature Education.


Specific Objectives :

  • To provide Filipino-Chinese Education institutions with competent teachers through lifelong learning opportunities
  • To ensure all curricula are compliant with national and international standards of quality and excellence
  • To establish  networks with stakeholders and ensure that they are well-informed and regularly consulted about the roles they need to perform in building and enhancing the image of the School of Education
  • To create an atmosphere where engagement and passion for learning thrive among students and faculty
  • To promote an integrated view of Filipino and Chinese cultural values
  • To foster an understanding of the role of teachers in the formation of the youth as nation builders


Programs :


Jan 22

CKSCAA Educational Financial Assistance Program (AY 2022-2023)

Jan 13

Suspension of Classes (January 17 to 21)

Jan 10

CKS Higher Education (2nd Sem, SY 2021-2022)


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