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School of Information Technology Education (ITE)

The ITE Program focuses on the formation of technologically-adept individuals who can keep up with advancement and changes in the 21st century.

 The BS in Computer Science and BS in Information Technology programs further aim for the development of intellectual independence and leadership through cultivation of the scientific, critical, and appreciative attitudes and the promotion of the spirit of research.


Specific Objectives:

To impart to its students a high degree of competence in the following areas:

  •  Professional practice in Programming, Systems Analysis, and Information Technology management and supervision
  • Professional skills in teaching Computer Education, both for non-degree and degree programs
  • Application / conduct of research in the area of ICT


Programs :




Jan 22

CKSCAA Educational Financial Assistance Program (AY 2022-2023)

Jan 13

Suspension of Classes (January 17 to 21)

Jan 10

CKS Higher Education (2nd Sem, SY 2021-2022)


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