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Sharmaine Denise D. Uy (黃小媚)

Sharmaine Denise D. Uy (黃小媚) of CKS high school batch 2011 has been working as a staff nurse at the Philippine General Hospital since 2016. The area where she was assigned to has been temporarily converted into COVID wards and as a result, she became a direct frontliner handling COVID patients. Because of this, she has to work everyday wearing full PPE gears, which is very uncomfortable but not one which she has much of a choice. Her current schedule calls for 8 straight work hours without food nor water, and almost no bathroom breaks because the PPEs worn cannot be undressed just that easily.

But with the positive outlook she got from her CKSian student days, Sharmaine bravely face the difficulties and uncertainties of her job.

Keep smiling, Sharmaine. Your beaming aura will surely help your patients feel and get better.


Mar 6

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