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Dr. Jayne Sari D. Tan (黃清渟) & Dr. Tracy Jill C. Ng (陳香梅)

Batchmates since preschool at Chiang Kai Shek College, Dr. Jayne Sari D. Tan (黃清渟) and Dr. Tracy Jill C. Ng (陳香梅) are still together, both now working at the Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center.

The two doctors belong to CKS high school batch 2006, and both are Internal Medicine fellows-in-training, specializing in Nephrology.

Doc Jayne is but human when she mentioned that she, like most of us, feels emotionally drained because of fear of the unknown and of the possibility of contracting the virus and becoming a source of spreading it to other people. That's why her good friend, Doc Tracy, reiterated to us how extra-careful they have to be in dealing with their patients, who are probably considered the more vulnerable population now due to the pandemic.

Chinese General Hospital is one of the preferred medical institutions of the Chinese-Filipino community. And in recent times, there have been quite a number of positive COVID patients in the hospital. To keep themselves safe, Docs Jayne and Tracy follows proper safety protocols such as proper hand washing at all times, maintaining distancing, taking healthy supplements, boosting immune system with enough sleeping hours, isolating themselves after duty, wearing N95 mask at all times and PPEs, if needed. Truly, these are simple procedures yet very important, especially for medical frontliners like them.

Doc Tracy mentioned, in all honesty, that no one is truly safe from this pandemic. And like Doc Jayne, she admitted being worried as well. But as healthcare workers, both agreed that they have to attend to their patients especially during these times, not only because it is their duty but also their moral responsibility.

The two lady doctors attest to discipline and being responsible as the most important values that education in CKS College has imparted to them, thus helping them not only in their job but in life as a whole.

Doc Jayne, like most citizens, awaits the decision of President Duterte on the extension or gradual lifting of the community quarantine. But she reminds the Filipino people to have the right mindset and attitude regarding the gravity of the COVID situation, starting with the importance of staying at home as much as possible and social distancing, even if the quarantine is lifted. And of course, she encourages the cooperation of everyone for the greater good.

We asked the two doctors for messages for fellow CKSians.

Jayne: "It might be suffocating or stuffy right now because of what is happening all over the world but now is not the time to find faults, to be selfish or negative. Be compassionate to the people around us, it's hard but bear with it. The situation is already difficult so let us be cooperative with one another and work hard together to overcome this. And just hope for the best."

Tracy: "Everyone can do their part. I see people doing what they can during these trying times, donating medical supplies and gears, food, making extra effort, saying prayers, or just plainly staying at home, we can all contribute in our own way. During a crisis, it can bring out the best and the worst in us. I do hope it's bringing out the best."

Well said and well done, Dr. Jayne Sari D. Tan and Dr. Tracy Jill C. Ng. Keep up the good work, your CKS College family is proud of both of you!


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