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Ms. Kylie Olano (施愷俐), Ms. Jenna Fan (范绵绵), Ms. Wynette Lorenzo (黃妹妹), & Ms. Mariniell Co (許惠敏)

A "barkada" through thick and thin, in good times and in bad times... that's what KJWM is all about.

All belonging to high school batch 2013, Kylie Olano (施愷俐), Jenna Fan (范绵绵), Wynette Lorenzo (黃妹妹), and Mariniell Co (許惠敏) have maintained their bond as sisters even after high school days. The girls have always been in constant communication with one another and during chit-chats, they would discuss things happening around them. In the case of the current pandemic, they felt uneasy for frontliners who are risking their lives, despite lack of appropriate gears to ensure their safety. They are also deeply saddened for countrymen who do not have enough food to eat during these times. As a result, the "barkada" decided to deal with the issues more seriously.

The girls initially talked about the rising number of COVID positive cases and they felt somehow worried about it. Then Kylie mentioned that she saw posts on donation drives and she thought maybe they, too, can help. Being empathetic, the girls were inspired to do something.

They started brainstorming and came up with the idea of buying packed meals from the branch of Ate Rica's Bacsilog that is owned by batchmate Jae Yap, thinking they will have direct contact with the owner and get discounted price. Then, they opened a group chat calling for donations among friends, relatives, and peers, where they got many positive responses. Another issue propped up - how will they give the goods to frontliners, especially since there are so many hospitals?

Later, they found out Dean Kyle Ang and his high school batch 2012 were also doing donation drives. Being a close friend of Kylie, Dean willingly volunteered to deliver whatever KJWM have solicited, alongside donations from his own batchmates. The final hurdle was finally solved!

With delivery and distribution issues also done with, KJWM started sourcing for suppliers of goggles, masks, gloves, alcohol, and other medical needs. The focus was to procure items where there are suppliers who are family friends or kins so that hot commodities like these would not be sold to them at exorbitant prices.

In summary, KJWM was able to solicit nearly one hundred thousand pesos, which were used to support frontliners and other needy people in the following forms:

- 250 Ate Rica’s Bacsilog packed meals

- 31 trays of egg (30 pieces per tray)

- 31 packs of noodles (each pack good for 3 to 4 persons)

- 10 gallons of rubbing alcohol

- 45 boxes of gloves

- 25 aerosol boxes

- 189 goggles

- 3 boxes of Mega brand sardines

- 3 sacks of rice

- 10 boxes face masks

Jenna Fan also teamed up with her boyfriend, Paul Samonte (施躍波) from high school batch 2012, in securing donations of face shields and aerosol boxes, worth around two hundred fifty thousand pesos, and these were distributed by Dean Kyle Ang to hospital frontliners as well.

KJWM was inspired to move amidst the crisis by an article entitled "Doing Good Recklessly". Thinking how they can help others, reach out, and simply making other people's lives better with their actions, no matter how little, without thinking of receiving anything in return, that was their common mindset.

Kylie, Jenna, Wynette and Mariniell, you are models of selfless CKSians. Continue doing good, because by doing good, you make this world a better place to live in!


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