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Family of Mr. Enrico Sy (施能斌) (Tat Sing Group) & Mr. Kelvin C. Chan (陳垠誠)

Retired swim team coach Enrico Sy (施能斌), his wife Saw Kwan Wong (王秀君), and their children who are all CKS high school alumni, Newton Gan (施純誠) of batch 1999, current swimming coach Lawton Sy (施純發) of batch 2002, and Barton Sy, Ph.D. (施純達) of batch 2005, through their family business Tat Sing Group, and in partnership with Kelvin C. Chan (陳垠誠) of batch 2011, chairman of YCO Holdings, donated to the city of Manila two (2) high-pressure misting cannon e-trike system, which is currently well-used by the city government in its disinfection operations all around Manila. They also turned-over 10 units of 20-liter 100% isopropyl alcohol.

The group is also launching their Bayanihan project “Para sa Kapakanan, Kalusugan ng Kapwa Pilipino”. This KKK-themed project will result in the donation of six (6) units of fully-equipped portable COVID-19 testing booth, which will be very useful in combatting the pandemic in the city of Manila and can be deployed to various barangays and quarantine sites. Each testing booth is made from sturdy alloy 6061 main body frame with 10mm tempered glass enclosures. In addition, each unit is set at negative pressure ventilation system with UV-C light disinfectant to ensure the safety of the health workers.

To the SY family and Kelvin Chan, you are shining examples of living with the true CKSian spirit!



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