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Dr. Regina Lim Chua (蔡金金)

Dr. Regina Lim Chua (蔡金金) of CKS high school batch 1995 is an OB-GYN and Lactation consultant at the Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center since 2007.

Since the community quarantine was enforced, she has not been able to hold private clinic inside and outside the hospital, and consultations have been coursed through facebook messenger and viber. Related to it, there is a difficulty monitoring the course of pregnancy of her patients through virtual means, since most required laboratory and diagnostic workups are delayed, sometimes even not facilitated.

But still, she reports to Chinese General Hospital to deliver newborn babies, while wearing PPEs, avoiding skin contact, and observing proper hand hygiene all the time to avoid getting herself, her patients and their babies infected with all forms of viruses.

Doc Regina is thankful to CKS College for nurturing her to be patient and persevering, and to be composed, calm, and orderly in everything she does. These traits have so far kept her and her family safe from harm.

Meticulous as it may seem, Doc Regina disinfects herself and her clothing immediately before she alights from her vehicle. She disinfects again before entering her home, bathes with antiseptic wash, and maintains distance from her loved ones, no matter how hard it is especially with her little kids.

While she can always hibernate from work for now as an OB-GYN due to the risks of COVID-19, but being a professional that she is, Doc Regina finds it difficult to say no, be it to her old and new patients, to her colleagues who ask for help, and to other people who ask for virtual consultations.

She believes that during crucial times like this, everyone - not only doctors but whatever profession they embark on, must always maintain good morals, professionalism, patience, and perseverance.

Dr.Regina Lim Chua, your CKS College is truly proud of you!


May 26

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