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Dr. Jimmy B. Aragon (佘志美)

Dr. Jimmy B. Aragon (佘志美) of CKS high school batch 1987 is one of the country's leading endocrinologist, working at the Makati Medical Center since 2003. Makati Medical Center is one of the first hospitals which treated COVID-19 patients in the National Capital Region.

These days, Doc Jimmy is doing rounds of 5 straight days for COVID patients before getting any rest, then go on doing similar rounds again.

Based on his medical observation and experience as an endocrinologist, people with diabetes are more likely to get COVID infection. He didn't realize this until his own patients started getting admitted with pneumonia. During the earlier stages of the outbreak, he got really scared when he checked on a patient without wearing any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), not knowing the patient already had COVID symptoms. Because of it, he had to self-isolate for 14 days to make sure his family won't get infected through him.

Times have changed since then. These days when he reports back to the hospital and check on COVID patients, Makati Medical Center provides adequate PPEs for frontliners. One problem, though, is that supplies are running out fast, especially the N95 masks which are essential protection from the virus.

Doc Jimmy feels exhausted and sweats heavily after his hospital rounds while donning the PPE, but like other doctors, he has no choice since it is a protection gear against getting infected with the virus. But seeing his fellow doctors and nurses wearing those heavy, hot suits for more than 12 hours, even much longer than he does, inspires him to carry on.

Doc Jimmy mentioned that most, if not all, of the healthcare workers "volunteered" to be frontliners, and this reminded him of the volunteerism trait he learned in Chiang Kai Shek College from his Scouting days. It was tempting for him to just ignore the call of duty, especially during the first week of lockdown when there were panic and fear of the unseen enemy. But at the end of the day, the feeling of fulfillment is enough to muster strength to face another day's challenges.

His message to fellow CKSians?

"Healthcare workers are featured as 'heroes' but everyone plays a role in this pandemic. For instance, without the supermarket attendants, how can we buy our food? Even staying home (tough to do especially now with two more weeks extension!) is equally important. By remaining healthy, we help our families and communities stay healthy as well!"

Dr. Jimmy Bautista Aragon, thank you for your service to our country and our fellowmen. Your CKS College family is truly proud of you!


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