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Dr. Stephanie Mae O Ang (洪菀喻)

Stephanie Mae O Ang, MD, FPCR, FUSP, FCTMRISP (洪菀喻) of CKS high school batch 1999 is a radiologist. She is currently affiliated with three hospitals, namely: The Medical City, De Los Santos Medical Center, and San Juan de Dios Hospital. Doc Steff is currently involved in the diagnosis and monitoring of COVID patients, particularly in the interpretation of chest xrays and CT scans which are commonly requested for such patients.

During her off-duty days, Doc Steff also helps in coordinating donations of protective equipment to various hospitals in Metro Manila, which are in dire need for such.

Even if she is worried about getting infected herself and bringing home the virus to her family members, she puts patients' needs, first and foremost, as her most important responsibility. So, she strictly follows hand hygiene and disinfection protocols in and out of the hospital, and for the meanwhile, distance herself from family members while at home.

Doc Steff echoes a similar message to her fellow CKSians. She said: "In this fight against COVID, we will only be victorious if everyone does their part to help. Please stay at home and don't go out unless absolutely necessary, do proper hand hygiene, practice social distancing, and spread only verified and reliable information to avoid panic and confusion."

We will remember your reminders, Doc Stephanie Mae Ang. Thank you for your service to your country and the Filipino people!


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