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Patrick Henry Sy Liquete, RN (曾添榮)

We give due recognition to a CKSian medical frontliner diligently performing his duty amidst the COVID-19 pandemic on the other side of the globe, Patrick Henry Sy Liquete, RN, BSN (曾添榮).

Patrick belongs to CKS high school batch 2006, though he left for the United States of America in 2004 at the middle of the school year while still a sophomore high school student. Patrick continued his high school education, completed his Bachelor of Science in Nursing university degree, and eventually passed the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) in California.

Patrick currently works as an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nurse at the Riverside University Health System (RUHS) in Moreno Valley, Riverside County, California. Just like here in Luzon, the state of California is currently imposing "shelter at home", which is the equivalent of community quarantine in our country or lockdown in other countries. And just the same, essential workers such as those in the healthcare industry like Patrick are still required to work.

In RUHS, the surgical ICU unit has been converted into a unit for COVID-19 patients requiring ICU level of care, and Patrick is on duty in the said unit with a couple of patients already under their care.

"I'm not gonna lie. I'm afraid every time I go to work. But this is not really a matter of choice. If I give in to my fear and switch to a different department, then no one will take care of the infected patients.", Patrick said in all honesty.

"And I feel that to stop working is to break our oath that we took as healthcare providers.", he added.

Patrick is lucky to have a wife who is also a nurse working in another hospital, so they support each other during these difficult times.

Patrick ended the conversation with some words from his heart for fellow CKSians: "For those looking towards a career in healthcare, it is both a rewarding and challenging journey. But never forget that we are human beings first and to be able to care for one another is how God created us to be. No small amount of compassion is too small and even the tiniest act of kindness can have the biggest impact to another."

Keep safe and continue being an embodiment of an ideal CKSian in the West Coast, Patrick Liquete. Your CKS College family is truly proud of you!

Note: The picture of Patrick shows his face chaffed and bruised with marks from wearing the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like face masks and goggles while on ICU duty.


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