Buwan ng Wika at Kasaysayan 2014 - CKSC

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Buwan ng Wika at Kasaysayan 2014

The Chiang Kai Shek College Office of English Academic Affairs, through its Middle School department, celebrates Buwan ng Wika at Kasaysayan through an activity called "History On-The-Go". Students visit every classroom and perform songs, dances, elocutions - depicting Philippine history in snaps. The performers have represented different historical epochs featuring famous people and events through a re-enactment or a short dramatization in full costume. 
This activity features the essence of understanding the lesson not just through memorization but by its value in one's life.  Aside from students' enjoying the presentation afforded to them by their fellow students, they have internalized the relevance of studying Philippine History in their lives as Filipinos. This also strengthens the idea that true education depends on its ability to enlighten and transform people in the process.


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