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Tuition Fee Payment Options 繳費方法及選項

AUB (Mobile or Over-the-Counter)     AUB(手機或櫃檯)

Tuition fee payments can be made via Asia United Bank (AUB) 學費可以在Asia United Bank (AUB)繳納.

Account Name 收款人/公司戶名: Chiang Kai Shek College Inc.

Account Number 賬號: 032-01-000028-0

For Over-the-Counter payments, please bring a print-out of the Assessment Slip 至櫃檯繳費者,請帶上打印的計費單.

For AUB Payments, a PhP300 registration discount will be granted if tuition fee payment (for regular term) is made at any of the following AUB branches  在以下的AUB分行繳費者將享有三百塊菲幣的註冊折扣(付全費者):

  • Solis- Tondo
  • Divisoria
  • Padre Rada
  • Arranque
  • Tutuban Mall
  • Echague
  • Blumentritt 
  • 168 Mall
  • Elcano
  • Binondo
  • Sta. Cruz
  • Mayhaligue (One Miho Place)
  • J.A. Santos (Dynasty Tower)
  • New Divisoria Mall



Payors can now enroll Chiang Kai Shek College as a biller via online or mobile banking. 付款人現在可以在線上或手機線上銀行把中正學院列為付費客戶.

Enroll your bills in three easy steps 付費的三個簡單步驟:

  1. Go to Log in to your BDO Online Banking account. 請至 登錄您 BDO的線上銀行賬號.
  2. Click 點擊 Enrollment Services>Company/Biller>Enroll
  3. Fill out the Enrollment Details. 填寫資料.
    • Choose the Company/ Biller Name 選擇公司/ 客戶名稱: Chiang Kai Shek College, Inc.
    • Enter the Student ID Number as Subscriber Number 輸入學生證號碼作為付款人賬號
    • Enter the Student's Name as Subscriber Name 輸入學生姓名作為付款人

Payments may be done immediately after successful enrollment. 成功註冊後可以立即付款.

To pay, 付款,

  1. Go to Log in to your BDO Online Banking Account. 請至登錄您 BDO的線上銀行賬號.
  2. Click 點擊 Financial Services>Bills Payment>Pay Bills
  3. Fill out the Payment Details. Choose the source account. Select the enrolled Company/ Biller Name and indicate the Amount, then click Submit. 填寫付費資料. 選擇源賬戶. 選擇相關公司/ 客戶名稱, 並填寫數目, 然後按Submit.

Make sure you take a screenshot of the Transaction Summary/ Details. 請記得把交易摘要/付費詳情截圖.

To view the infographics for the procedures described above, please click on this LINK. 若想查看付費交易程序的信息圖表 , 請按這個鏈接 LINK.



CKSC is also a registered Over-the-Counter Biller of BDO. This will allow faster and more efficient payment processing and verification when payments are made via BDO 菲律濱中正學院已註冊Banco de Oro (BDO金融銀行)的櫃檯付費服務,這使您在所有的BDO銀行,無論是繳費或確認繳費手續時,享有更快更有效率 的服務。

Here are the details for paying tuition fees over the counter at BDO 以下是在櫃檯繳費的詳情:

  1. Please fill up the Cash or Check Transaction Slip (NOT the deposit slip) 請填寫交易單(不是存款單)。
  2. Write name of student as payor 在付款人一欄寫上學生的姓名。
  3. Write student # as reference # 在賬號一欄寫上學生的學生號。
  4. The institution code is 0963 公司/機構代碼(0963)。

Sample Cash Transaction Slip 下面是現款交易單的範例:

Note :  Company Name, Subscriber Name (Student's Name), Subscriber's Account No (Student Number), Institution Code (0963) 公司/機構名稱、付款人名稱(學生名字)、付款人賬號(學生號)、公司代碼(0963)

Sample Check Transaction Slip 下面是支票交易單的範例:

Note :  Company Name, Subscriber Name (Student's Name), Subscriber's Account No (Student Number), Institution Code (0963) 公司/機構名稱、付款人名稱(學生名字)、付款人賬號(學生號)、公司代碼(0963)



Pay tuition fees from the safety and convenience of your home.

Save yourself the hassle and pay Chiang Kai Shek College tuition fees using China Bank Online (, Mobile App, China Bank ATMs or in any China Bank Branch

Don't forget to put your student name and student ID number as reference.

Download China Bank Mobile App.
App Store:
Google Play Store:




Scan or upload the corresponding QR Codes to your payment app 掃描或上傳下面的二維碼至您的付費應用程式:




  Union Pay
  AliPay, WeChat Pay, Home Credit Union, AUB Hello Money



After payment, submit transaction details and proof of payment through the Student Portal 當完成付費手續時,請上傳付費資料至學生網站,辦法如下:

1.Go to  請至網站
2.Click on the link labeled “Payment”  點擊“Payment”鏈接
3.Enter Student Number and Surname 輸入學生號和姓氏
4.Enter payment and transaction details, and upload scanned image/ photo of proof of payment 輸入付費質料並上傳掃描或拍照的付款憑證

An automated response shall be sent to the student’s My.CKSC e-mail, confirming receipt of transaction details. Payment verification shall take 3-5 business days. Upon payment verification, a confirmation e-mail shall be sent to the student’s My.CKSC e-mail. 自動回應系統會寄確認通知至學生的電子郵箱。付款驗證需要3至5個工作天,確定付費資料無誤後,會寄確認通知至學生的電子郵箱My.CKSC e-mail。

For complete confirmation instructions, please click on this LINK.


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