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Mr. Weldon C. Valenzuela (莊峻龍)

We've been thanking our alumni in the medical front from here and abroad, as well as military personnel and socio-civic minded volunteers who are in the forefront of this war against the COVID-19 pandemic. Our story today looks into another industry - the food chain industry, where our featured alumni has been working over the past two decades.

Weldon C. Valenzuela (莊峻龍) of CKS high school batch 1995 and college batch 1999 is the assistant store manager of Landmark Supermarket at the Trinoma Mall in Quezon City, where he has been working right after graduating from college, spanning 21 years of dedicated and loyal service with the popular supermarket.

Work is complicated for a supermarket administrator like Weldon nowadays. For one, there is lack of manpower as only 40% of their employees are able to report for work due to lack of transportation and others, for fear of personal health and safety. Also, maintaining the supermarket's ideal stock level is nearly impossible, because most manufacturers and food suppliers are also challenged in their production and logistics, again due to limited manpower.

Though not a medical frontliner, he strictly observes the new normal safety protocols such as wearing of face mask and thorough washing of hands every now and then. On a personal note, he takes vitamins to boost his immune system. Every morning, he takes time to have his private moment with God, praying for the Almighty One to cover him with His protection before he goes to work.

A caring manager, he reminds his counter personnel, baggers, and other supermarket personnel to always wear face mask and face shield, to disinfect supermarket areas per designated time schedule, and to stay home when they feel sick. He also leads them in prayer before they start their operation.

A true-blue CKSian who studied at our alma mater from preschool to college, Weldon learned from the school how to be organized and the right attitude of giving his 101% commitment in whatever he does. These two traits has helped him become a better workplace leader, especially in these times of crisis. Nowadays with the high volume of people going to Landmark Supermarket to buy essentials and other commodities, Weldon has been constantly thinking of ways on how to keep things organized, helping customers get what they need while observing the ECQ guidelines set by the government. He also needs to put double effort in sustaining the stocks by constantly making sure inventory is enough and supplies are delivered.

Weldon's exemplary feat as a food chain industry executive, with or without the COVID-19 pandemic, is a source of pride and honor for all CKSians. And he has only inspirational words for his fellow alumni, when he said: "In this time of crisis, there is nobody who is not affected by this pandemic; not even the rich, the intelligent, the powerful, and the influential people. It actually affects all walks of life. We have nowhere to go but to seek and call upon the name of God because He cares for us and He is in control of everything. I hope after this pandemic, we are all better persons because God molded our character and we got closer to Him."

"Let us show support to our frontliners by sharing words of encouragement to them and thanking them for their hard work and let us not forget to pray for them as well.", he added.

You make us proud, Weldon Valenzuela. Keep up the good work!


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