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Nathaniel L. Hui

After graduating from CKS high school in 2011, Nathaniel L. Hui migrated to the United States of America the following year, where he completed his Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and eventually passed his nursing licensure examination. He worked at the Aviara Healthcare in San Diego, California for years before moving to the Los Angeles Community Hospital last February 2020, where he is currently assigned to its COVID-19 unit.

The hospital where he is currently employed takes great measure in protecting its frontliners by providing adequate PPEs. And because Nathaniel works with patients who are either COVID-19 positive or possibly infected, he makes sure to wear a surgical mask on top of the N95 mask and face shield, practice hand hygiene and properly don his PPE after each shift. Outside of work, he eats a healthy diet, takes vitamins, gets enough rest, and takes walks during days off. While knowing that these extra steps are somehow tedious, Nathaniel still does them diligently to protect himself from contracting the virus.

In his many formative years at CKS College, Nathaniel learned to uphold such values as selflessness, resilience, and integrity. Although physically and mentally taxing, he considers being a nurse as a fulfilling, noble profession, with or without COVID virus.

Mabuhay, Nathaniel! Continue doing your share in this battle against the COVID-19 virus.


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