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What do Online Classes mean at CKS College?

For Grades 1 to 3 : Distance Learning Program

For Grades 4 to 10 : Home Study (Online Classes)


Is the online class registration only a survey? Is it required?

在線課程註冊僅是一項調查嗎? 需要嗎?

It is for registration purposes. It is not a survey. Only those who registered will be invited to the orientation.

答: 它不是一項調查,是給有意參加線上課程的家長註冊,只有註册者才會被邀請參加說明會。


If parents chose not to register online and prefer physical classes, what is their option? What about the phasing of lessons vis-a-vis the online classes?


Online classes shall start in July. The reason online classes will start in July is so that teachers and students can adjust to shorter class periods per day. Online live classes will be given half day (covering both English and Chinese subjects) and the other half of the day will be devoted to self-study and assignments, as well as asynchronous learning like watching videos.

答: 在線課程將於7月開始,好讓老師和學生可以適應每天較短的上課時間。 半天的在線直播課程(包涵英文和中文),另半天的時間讓學生做功課或自修,觀看視頻等異步學習。

Those who prefer physical classes shall start classes on August 24 (as announced by DepEd). They will have regular classes in classrooms.


One option is for them to join online classes first for one term. For the 2nd term, they can switch back to regular classes.


Teachers for online classes will also be teaching physical classes. The curriculum will be the same. It is just the teaching methodology that would differ. Exams will either be via on-camera exams or students will be asked to go to school-- that is, if it is safe already.

在線的課程和常規的課程一致,老師也是同一個人,只是教學 的方法不同。小考、期考通過線上考,如果疫情轉好,也可以在學校課室進行。


For families with 3 children or more but only have 1 computer at home, what is their option?

對於家裡卻只有一台電腦,但有3個或更多孩子來說,他們有什 麼選擇?

They can use different devices-- like ipads or phones.

答: 他們可以用不同的設備,如平板電腦或手機。


For online classes, do the students need to buy physical textbooks also?


Yes, there will still be physical books for some subjects. For other subjects, there will be online materials.

答: 有一些科目需要買教科書,其它科目將有提供在線資料。


How about Senior High School & College?


Senior High School will likely follow physical classes. But online asynchronous learning is being considered-- depending on needs of students and availability of teachers.

答: 高中大概會是常規課程,但是正在考慮在線異步學習,要看學生的需求及老師資源而定。

College will start with intersession of purely online classes in July. Regular classes shall be held by August or September. There will be fewer weeks in the semester, but longer class hours. The College department shall issue a separate announcement.



How about pre-school to Grade 3?


Pre-school to grade 3 will be offered in-school physical classes only.

答: 幼稚園到小學三年僅在學校上常規課程。


When will be the enrollment for SY 2020-2021?


Enrollment will be in June, after grades are released.

答: 新學年6月註冊,等學生成績分發後。


When will parents receive the final grades & assessment slips?


Grades are still being encoded. The Registrar's Office is developing a platform for grade viewing. If the portal won't be ready by the time the ECQ is lifted, the Registrar's Office shall email grades, along with assessment for SY 2020-2021, to parents.

答: 註冊部門正在查看並編碼學生的成績,如果未能在隔離令(ECQ)取消之前準備好,學校將會把成積報告連同新學年的註冊學費單以電子郵件發送給父母。


For physical classes, is the number of students the same?


The school will be maintaining the number of sections. But the class sizes will be smaller, as a number of students shall be moving to online classes. If DepEd requires a specific number of students only, the classes shall be split accordingly.

答: 班級的數量會保持,但是每班人數會變少,因為有部分學生轉上在線課程,學校會依據教育部的規定來劃分學生的數量。


What about tuition fees?


The tuition fees shall be the same both for online classes and physical classes. The miscellaneous fees shall be different, as these would be much lower for online classes.

答: 在線課和常規課的學費相同,在線課的雜費會低很多。


What are the minimum tech requirements?

PC: Minimum of dual core CP, with 4GB of ram

Internet Connection: minimum of 5mbps download speed and 800 kbps upload speed




May 24

高中部中文線上課程 SH Chinese Online Courses

May 18

CKS Letter to Parents (Memo #CKS-20-004)


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