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Kaya Pa? Kapa Pa! - A Mental Health Awareness Webinar

The CKS College Higher Education Division National Training Service Program (NSTP) organized a webinar about mental health awareness. Under the leadership of students Miguel Capalad and Casxandra Cruz, and the guidance of Prof. Ian Mark Fernandez Arevalo, “Kaya Pa? Kapa Pa!- A Mental Health Awareness Webinar” was successfully held last September 10, with guest speaker, Ms. Linda Cangayao.

According to Ms. Cangayao, we, being bio-psycho-social beings, should take care of our physical and mental health. Only then can we function well in society. Believing in our purpose, seeking help, and practicing self-care can create a positive reformation within us. This affects our family and our future dreams. She ended her speech with a gentle reminder to “Keep Safe” during the pandemic, to “Keep Sane” amidst the challenges, and to “Keep Going” as we grow with a stronger and healthier mindset.

Let us take our time to ask ourselves “Kaya Pa?” and never undermine the power of these two affirming words- “Kaya Pa!”



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