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In-Service Training for Teachers (SY2021-2022)

The CKS College Office for Continuing Professional Education organized a 3-day Virtual In-Service Training Webinar from June 28-30, 2021 with the theme, “Sustaining Authenticity in Pedagogy, Assessment, and Communication with Stakeholders in Online Learning.” The INSET was organized to ensure that all faculty members continue strengthening pedagogical practices to further heighten their students’ achievement in online distance learning. Moreover, it targeted the overwhelming number of unfamiliar issues they still encounter after a year of implementing the new set up of learning. The faculty members participated in sessions that tackled various topics such as managing virtual classrooms, administering online exams, maintaining authenticity and fairness in evaluating students, and building a stronger relationship with parents.

The INSET 2021 was divided into AM and PM sessions. During the AM sessions, the OCPE has invited speakers from prestigious universities who are experts in the field. CKS College would like to extend its utmost gratitude to the following speakers who discussed the following topics:

  • Dr. Feliece Yeban – “Open Communication Channels for Parents: A Two-way Street”
  • Dr. Marilyn Balagtas – “Simply Authentic: Designing Assessments for Meaningful Learning Outcomes in the New Norms of Education”
  • Dr. Shirley A. Padua – Best Practices for Designing Effective Rubrics in Assessment & Evaluation of Learners in the New Normal
  • Ms. Anna Yap Tan Pascual, MRS, OTRP – “Fine Motor Skills and Handwriting in Distance Learning”
  • Ms. Jemilyn Kaw, OTRP – “Executive Function Skills in the Virtual Classroom”

During the PM sessions, the OCPE proudly launched CKSC-INSET Teachers’ Spotlight, where selfless teacher-speakers from each department shared with everyone the best practices they have discovered after a year of implementing online learning, with a focus on navigating online learning platforms and activities.  The following teachers are:

  • Mr. Gian Maneja – “Efficient Use of Google Workspace”
  • Ms. Camille Go – “Explorations on Google Classroom”
  • Mr. Ezequiel De Leon – “Interactive Learning Platforms for Synchronous and
  • Asynchronous Classes”
  • Ms. Aliana Lyra Felix – “Zoom In: Progressing Towards the Better Normal in Education”

The OCPE ended the 3-day webinar by conducting a quick survey about the Training Needs Assessment of the CKS College Faculty. The TNA will be used as guidance of the OCPE to consider conducting the webinar topics that the teachers see as more urgent and beneficial for them. Dr. Imelda C. Nery, Head of OCPE, and Mr. Aldrin Antonio, Asst. Head of OCPE, also expressed their gratitude to Dr. Rolance Chua (VP for Academics) and Atty. Danny Chan (President) and other administrators who continually support the PDs arranged by the OCPE. They would also like to thank the steering team who ensured the smooth flow of the programs:

  • Ms. Jane Chuasiaokong – Token and Certificates
  • Mr. Ian Mark Arevalo – Program and Invitation
  • Mr. Ankiat Bryan Co – Logistics
  • Ms. Nikki Mercado – Technical
  • Ms. Agatha Garcia – Documentation
  • Mr. Axel Retanan – Host for PM sessions

The OCPE will continue providing professional development webinars for the faculty members to ensure that CKS College passionately works on being a HIGHER, BRIGHTER, and STRONGER institution.


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