School Calendar for 2008-2009 (Grade School and High School Departments)

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(Grade School & High School)
June 11 (Wed), 2008 Classes Begin
June 24 (Tue) Manila Day Foundation Anniversary
August 7 (Thu) and 8 (Fri) 1st Periodical Examination (Chinese Instruction)
August 11 (Mon) to 13 (Wed)1st Periodical Examination (English Instruction)
August 18 (Mon) Ninoy Aquino Day
August 25 (Mon) National Heroes Day
September 26 (Fri) CKSC Teacher”s Day Celebration
September 29 (Mon) Teacher’s Day as declared by Association of Chinese-Filipino Schools in the
September 30 (Tue) Eid’l Fitr (Feast of Ramadan) *may vary depending on the moonsighting
October 9 (Thu) and 10 (Fri)2nd Periodical Examination (Chinese Instruction)
October 13 (Mon) to 15 (Wed)2nd Periodical Examination (English Examination)
October 16 (Thu) Second Semester Begins
October 18 (Sat) Mini Fair
October 25 (Sat) Cultural Presentation and Classes 1958 & 1983 Alumni Golden & Silver Anniversary
October 26 (Sun) Sportsfest organized by ACFSP & FCAAF
October 27 (Mon) Rest Day No classes in all levels
October 30 am (Thu) 69th CKSC Foundation Anniversary Celebration
October 30 pm to November 4 (Tue) Semestral Break
November 5 (Wed) Classes Resume
December 1 (Monday) Bonifacio Day
December 13 (Sat) CKSC Christmas Party & Teacher’s Day
December 17 (Wed) to 19 (Fri)3rd Periodical Examination (English Instruction)
December 20 (Sat) to January 4 (Sun) 2009 Christmas Vacation
January 5 (Mon) Classes Resume
January 24 (Sat) to 26 (Mon) Chinese Lunar Year Celebration
March 5 (Thu) and 6 (Fri) Final Examination (Chinese Instruction)
March 9 (Mon) to 11 (Wed) Final Examination (English Instruction)
March 25 (Wed) High School Graduation Exercises
March 26 (Thu) Grade School Graduation Exercises
March 27 (Fri) Closing Ceremonies & Distribution of Report Cards
March 27 (Fri) and 28 (Sat)Summer Enrollment
March 29 (Sun) to April 12 (Sun)Summer Vacation
April 13 (Mon) Summer Classes Begin
May 23 (Sat) Summer Classes End