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English Instruction: Home-based Tasks

In compliance with the government directive for enhanced community quarantine, CKS College is providing students with guidelines for the completion of home-based tasks.

All periodic exams and student-related activities requiring face-to-face interactions are hereby cancelled.

Following are some specific department reminders.



Please be advised that all activities are suspended. Items in the report card that will not be assessed shall receive a slash symbol. 


Grade School

Individual tasks shall be given and posted on Google Class. Deadline for submission is on or before April 14, 2020.  All these can be accessed through Google classroom. However, students must submit their respective outputs to their subject teacher's email accounts— as indicated in the welcome note. Below are the Google Classroom codes:

Grade 1 code    : mqjoaal                                  Grade 4 code    : 56l25vz

Grade 2 code    : 4ue2hmg                                Grade 5 code    : ss7iauh

Grade 3 code    : azctmdi                                  Grade 6 code    : ck6rekx

Learn how to join Google Class HERE.



 Home tasks will be continued via Seesaw. 


Junior High School

Research tasks (in Language learning areas) will be continuous.  As for Science subjects, particularly Physics, an individual performance task shall be designed based on the 1st and 2nd term lessons. Similarly, Mathematics subjects shall also require individual performance tasks based on the 1st and 2nd term lessons. Tasks for Araling Panlipunan, Values and other subject areas are also provided. 

Topics that will not be covered will be articulated, vertically and horizontally, among Junior High School levels and between Senior High School levels. Deadline for submission is on or before April 14, 2020.  All these tasks can be accessed and submitted through the following Google Classroom codes:           

Grade 7 code    : utfgue4                                   Grade 9 code    : njuggz6

Grade 8 code    : zyfpt2k                                   Grade 10 code  : bkrkdnu

Learn how to join Google Class HERE.


Assessments and review of lessons shall be facilitated through ManageBac. The matrix on summative assessment schedule can also be found in ManageBac.


Senior High School

Individual performance tasks will be given every week through google class. Pre-final grades shall be computed using these individual performance tasks. Feedbacks and grades shall be immediately given by the teachers after a week of submission. 


Thank you, and please be guided accordingly.  Stay healthy and safe.



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