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2008-2009 Entrance Examination for New Students

Entrance Examination for New Students (Grade School and High School Departments) for the School Year 2008-2009

Application Period: November 7, 2007 to April 24, 2008
Places of Application: Grade School and High School Offices


  1. Xerox copy of Report Cards (English and Chinese) for the current School Year 2007-2008
  2. General Average of at least 80% with no failing grade in any subject
  3. Conduct Grade of 80% or better
  4. Payment of Entrance Examination Fee: P300.00

Dates of Entrance Examination:

BatchEnglish Instruction at 7:30 a.m.Chinese Instruction at 8:00 a.m.
First Batch
November 24 (Saturday)
December 1 (Saturday)
Second Batch
December 15 (Saturday)
January 5 (Saturday)
Third Batch
January 19 (Saturday)
January 26 (Saturday)
Fourth Batch
February 16 (Saturday)
February 23 (Saturday)
Fifth Batch
March 08 (Saturday)
March 15 (Saturday)
Sixth Batch
April 25 (Friday)
April 26 (Saturday)


Results of Entrance Examination for each batch will be posted near the P. Algue gate two weeks after or in our website - www.cksc.edu.ph .

Things to Remember:

  1. Pay the fee first before taking the entrance test.
  2. Applicants should bring the receipt of the entrance fee, entrance slip, Mongol pencils and eraser during the test.
  3. Successful applicants should bring the following during registration and enrollment (dates to be announced) for the school year 2008-2009:
    1. 2 photocopies of Birth Certificate (if Filipino citizen) or A.C.R./ I-card) if foreigner;
    2. 4 latest pictures (2 x 2) black & white or colored;
    3. the original cards from the last school attended, duly signed by the school principal and other officers; and
    4. payment for tuition and other fees.

For further inquiries, please call 252-61-61 to 67 local 227


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