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CKSC HS Students Win Honors in 8th Invitational World Youth Mathematics Inter-Cities Competition (IWYMIC)

Once again, CKSC high school students won various awards and medals in individual and team categories in the 8th Invitational World Youth Mathematics Inter-Cities Competition (IWYMIC) held in Jilin University in Changchun, China last July 21-25, 2007. Sixty-six teams from 17 countries, including the Philippines, U.S., Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, South Africa, India, China, Iran, Korea and Macau participated in this contest.

The CKSC winners of honorable mention for the individual contest were: Ervin Frederick Dy (III-5), Jillian Kristel Sy (III-5), Franchesca Choi (IV-5), Sharlene Dizon (IV-5) and Sherine Ann Koa (IV-5).


Henry Jefferson Morco, etc. Tops Hong Kong Math Contest

Henry Jefferson Morco, a grade 6 student won the gold medal while 2 more students won bronze medals in the International Youth Mathematics Contest for elementary and high school in Hong Kong last August 3, 2007.

Henry won the gold medal in the Hong Kong Elementary Mathematics International Competition (HKEMIC). 2 CKSC bronze medalists in the high school counterpart, Asia Inter-Cities Teenagers Mathematics Olympiad (AITMO) were Dann Julius Tan, 3rd year, and Aldric Cristoval Reyes, a sophomore.

Other schools that joined the Philippine delegation were: Xavier School, Saint Paul College-Pasig, Quezon City Science High School, Zamboanga Chung Hua High School, Saint Jude Catholic School, Jubilee Christian Academy, Philippine Cultural High School (Annex), and Pangasinan Universal Institute,


中正學院既定之近期方案有三:一為對外交流,爭取教育資源;二為對內調整,改善教學素質;三為培養新血,提昇辦學效率。為初步執行其對外交流計劃, 期與鄰國華校互通聲氣、互補有無,爰組織【菲律濱中正學院新/馬教育觀摩團】,訂八月一日至八月八日前往新加坡/馬來西亞,參訪二國學校及教育機構,就教 於二國教育先進,以資借鏡。觀摩團由董事長邵建寅任團長、常務董事陳義維及院長黃美真任副團長,其餘團員為原副院長王自然、院長室助理兼中學部中文主任黃 珍玲、小學部中文主任莊麗桑、校友總會諮詢曾國榮、趙清俊、副會長曾國翔及院長秘書黃思華等共十人。該團將於八月一日首途赴吉隆坡。行前發表其交流緣起 「他山攻玉,其庶幾乎!」全文如下:


Sharmayne K. Ng Won 1st Place in YMCA 2007 Art Contest

Sharmayne K. Ng, a first year high school student recently won 1st place in the recently concluded YMCA Annual Children’s Art Contest held on July 29 at YMCA Downtown Center’s Table Tennis Center and Auditorium. Previously, Sharmayne was the grand champion in the “Europe ‘Ko To” on-the-spot drawing contest organized by the Delegation of the European Commission to the Philippines. Other winners from the YMCA contest were Jimmy E. Chung, (4th year high school) who won 7th place. In the elementary group, Timothy Ryan P. Wang, a grade 5 pupil won 7th place.

Franchesca D. Choi was One of the Individual Top Scorers in 2007 American Region Mathematics League (ARML)

Franchesca D. Choi, a senior high school student recently got the Top Scorers Award in the Individual Category of the American Region Mathematics League (ARML) 2007 held at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, Nevada last June 1-2, 2007.

Students from 15 countries and all states in U.S participated in the contest. The Philippines finished the contest ranking 6th in the list. Out of 15 delegates from the Philippines, only two received this top scorer award: Franchesca and another student from the Philippine Science High School in Davao.

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