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CKSC Scouts Make Presence Felt in Taiwan Aboriginal Jamboree

There were numerous challenges that faced the thirteen Filipino scouts on their trip to the Formosan Island. Unexpectedly, eating with chopsticks was one of them.

They didn’t travel hundreds of miles in vain, for they were warmly welcomed to the 2nd Scouts of China National Jamboree for Aboriginal Scouts from March 27 to 30, 2014, held at Saijia Recreation Center in Pingtung County, Taiwan.

The contingent was led by grade school discipline head Jelvin Ralph Sy, who was assisted by CKSC-FBAS students Judd Adrian Ong, and Francis Yan. Reign Cristine Balajadia, Patricia Clare Balay, Aldrin Hanson Chong, Andrea Jasmin Farnacio, Ivan Victor Lau, Daniel Paul Li, Andrew Brandon Ong, and Clinton Xu were the remaining scout representatives from Chiang Kai Shek College, while Alvin Ivan Herrera and Patricia Marie Roldan were from Manila Patriotic School.

Another challenge that hindered the delegates was to utilize what they had learned in their Chinese classes, that is, to converse in pure Mandarin with the Taiwanese scouts. Starting from the simplest Zao-an, they slowly adapted to the environment, and soon began to make international friends.

The delegation visited the 82-hectare Taiwan Indigenous People’s Cultural Park situated near their campsite, where they discovered the simple rural life of the aboriginal tribes. A simple life they may have, their costumes and attires though were no match against fashion retail stores, as they were decorated with beads, laces, ribbons, and all sorts of colorful lines and curves. Native archery lessons also embraced the scouts (a challenge!) and a spectacular one-hour concert by the aboriginals wowed them all. Even though they disliked the feeling, their faces, in a very tribal way, got tattooed.

Later that day, they endured the dreadful 10-kilometer hike in a quest to find the secrets of the Paiwan tribe. Rushing with adrenaline, the team quickly sped for the destination, but soon, fatigue started to pile up, and they saw themselves running in circles aimlessly. Thanks to what seemed like a tribal yell, the spirit of the team resurfaced, and they went on to accomplish the challenge.

At the last night of their stay in the campsite, our scouts were suited up in barongs, sayas, and Igorot costumes for the Cultural Nite of the jamboree. The tune of the undyingly familiar song 朋友 reverberated around the activity hall, and just by looking at the faces of the crowd, they knew their performance had exceeded expectations.

During the Closing Ceremonies at the 30th, the Philippine Contingent was awarded a plaque of appreciation and four merit banners for their efforts to applaud the name of Boy Scouts of the Philippines. The contingent was one of the top patrols in the jamboree, judged by their performance throughout the event.

For a breather, the team spent the seven more days for a tour around Taiwan, visiting Taipei 101, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, Leo Foo Amusement Park, Raohe Night Market, Sun Moon Lake, Alishan, Formosa Boulevard and Dream Mall, to name some.

It’s true that they really enjoyed their 12-day voyage. But when they started to pack things to return to Manila, they discovered they exceeded the baggage allowance! Another challenge!

Contributor: Andrew Brandon Ong

CKSC Students Show Prowess in Different Fields

CKSC students showed exemplary performance in different fields of competitions.

Jemilyn Kaw, a member of the CKSC Youth Choir, emerged as champion in the Foreign Language Song Festival sponsored by Lyceum University of the Philippines last February 21.


Clyde Ang Chosen as NCR Outstanding Young Mathematician

CKS high school math prodigy Clyde Wesley Si Ang (Gr. 10-1) was awarded as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Mathematicians in the National Capital Region last February 28, 2015 by Sharp Calculators.

In another competition that same day, Team CKS High School won 2nd Place in the 1st HP Academic Challenge 2015 held at the activity center of Glorietta Mall in Makati City. The team was composed of grade 7 students Lance Patrick Vicher, John Dominic Santos, Tiffany Huang, and grade 8 student Joyce Heidi Ong. Their trainers were Mr. Ian Mark Arevalo, Mr. Brian Cruz, Mrs. Marle Tan and Brenda Ong, Mrs. Angelina Consulta, Mrs. Cristina Monsanto, Mrs. Venus Marie Llantada, and Mrs. Desiree Villaron.

Thoughts from Candy Joy Chua, one of the Outstanding Filipino-Chinese Students of the Philippines for SY2013-2014

This year, I, Candy Joy Chua, 16 years of age, represented Chiang Kai Shek College in the search for Outstanding Filipino-Chinese Students of the Philippines, sponsored every year by the Ceng Jing Xiang Ai Shin Foundation (曾景祥爱心基金会). Hurdling all the phases of the competition, including the essay writing and personal interview, gave me a feeling of fulfilment.

I was born in a family with loving parents and two younger brothers who guide me, nurture me, and make me happy as I grow up. I have been studying in Chiang Kai Shek College since pre-kindergarten, and since I was young, I have always had this thing for drawing and singing. I have joined singing contests and luckily won awards on some occasions for being the best singer. In addition to this, I was given the chance to sing on stage during my kindergarten graduation ceremonies. Since then, I’ve wanted to be onstage, performing for other people. When I got into grade school, I joined the CKSC youth choir. Every time there is a school activity that requires the youth choir to perform, I am always chosen to perform. Influenced by my parents, I learned and liked Chinese, its language, culture, and traditions. As I progressed to high school, my parents encouraged me to go to China to enhance my Chinese communication skills. Aside from those years of learning, I always grab the opportunity to travel to the different provinces of Mainland China to learn more about its history.


Senior High School Students' Orientation

The Discipline Office for Senior High School started the school year with its Students' Orientation Program for school year 2018-2019 last Wednesday, July 4, 2018 at the auditorium of the CKS College Padre Algue campus. Senior High School faculty members and students, along with administrators and personnel, attended the said event. Dr. Rolance Chua, concurrent Vice President for Academic Affairs, Director of the Office for English Academic Instruction and School Registrar, delivered a warm welcome message highlighting how the school has been committed to its mantra of providing quality education to its students. He also emphasized the enhancement of facilities in the Narra campus and the inclusion of the new competent and competitive teachers in the roster of SHS faculty. The Director of the Office for Chinese Academic Instruction, Mrs. Sara Ma Li Ling, also welcomed the students with words of encouragement. She stressed the importance of compliance with the school's rules and regulations to avoid problems in academic performance and conduct and introduced the faculty members of the Chinese Department.

Mrs. Brenda Ong, Grade 12 Coordinator as well as event’s emcee, led the introduction of the school's central administration and Narra campus personnel. This was followed by a brief history of CKS College through the years, discussed by Mr. McKennedy Umbao. He also presented briefly the various facilities in the Narra campus. Afterwards, representatives from different Narra campus offices discussed their respective office's functions, services, and rules and regulations. The presentation from different offices followed: Ms. Ms. Cynthia Isidro for Guidance Office, Dr. Mary Ann Kua for Health Services, Ms. Willowee de Cello for Library, Mr. Fernando Mira for Computer Laboratory, and Ms. Shariz Lou Clares for SHS Discipline Office.

Dr. Dory Poa graced the event with her presence reminding all the faculty members, office personnel, and students to work hand in hand to maintain unity and order in the school community. Likewise, the SHS Supervisor Mr. Fidel Savares gave an inspiring message to the students. He reminded them to make the most out of their remaining years in high school, to make new friends while cherishing the old ones, and to perform well in academics and extra-curricular activities in preparation for their future endeavors. Mr. Savares concluded the event by keeping everyone's hopes up for a fun and fruitful school year ahead.

中正學院音樂中心舉辦 中小學「聽曲猜名」挑戰賽







得獎者的獎品,由英文總主任Eugenia Martin和中文總主任馬儷玲、中學中文副主任潘偉蓮當場頒發,獎狀由潘露莉校長另於升旗典禮時頒發,並合影留念。


中正學院泉笙培幼園 動物園半日之遊

本學院附設泉笙培幼園中班和大班的小朋友分別於2月13日至3月8日舉行「教學旅遊」活動。目的地是位於Adriatico St. Malate的馬尼拉動物園( Manila Zoo & Kinder Zoo).


人數到齊後,大家興高采興烈坐上校車出發了! 一路上小朋友們說說唱唱,不停地問: 「快到了嗎?」「還有多久?」…… 半小時後,終於到了他們期盼的「動物園」.

「哇! 好大的大象啊! 」一進動物園,小朋友異口同聲地歡呼著,圍繞著圈子內鼻子長長, 耳朵大大的大笨象指指點點。不遠處那繽紛多采的孔雀也正在開屏歡迎著小朋友的到來,駝鳥也不示弱地抬頭挺胸站在一旁,人造池塘內的鱷魚卻懶洋洋地躺在池邊閉目養神。最受小朋友喜愛的猴子也在籠子裡耍把戲, 靈活地跳來跳去,小朋友們看得哈哈大笑,不願離去。走到有“百獸之王”之称的老虎的家時,只見兩隻威風凜凜的老虎站在山洞門口如銅像般一動也不動,小朋友看得入神了,瞬間也安靜了不少,此時鄰家的獅子大王大概也等得不耐煩了, 吼叫着吸引小朋友,看似在提醒大家不要忽略了我的存在喔! 走著走著就到了Kinder Zoo, 在这里小朋友们可以和一些小動物零距離地接觸。小鱷魚首先被派看上,有幾個膽子較大的小朋友甚至很想區抱牠一起拍照,也有幾小朋友却怕得躲起來。有些小朋友连鳄鱼都不怕,甚至連巨大的蟒蛇也有好幾個小朋友想去觸摸牠。最安全和最可愛的還是那幾隻鸚鵡,牠們甚至會站在小朋友頭上或手上拍照。幼小的馬兒今天有點反常,不大配合,小朋友只能在外圍觀看,65歲高齡的老烏龜也很樂意讓小朋友坐在牠的龜殼上拍照留念,大家都笑得很開心,到了要返回學校時,小朋友們都依依不捨上車。去時興致勃勃,活力充沛的幼兒,回程路上都累得呼呼大睡了.

這次的教育旅行,是配合本園的教學單元,目的是要讓幼兒真實看到野生動物,而不是單靠一些圖片來認知各種動物,經過這次的「動物園之旅」在單元的進行過程中幼兒對課本裡的動物都印像深刻,都能說出所見動物的體態,習性等等,也能畫出動物的形狀來,老師們也不再是紙上談兵了,達到事半功倍的教學效果.  (許雅雯記)

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