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Category: Feature - Keep Off the Grass because Crack is Whack By: Bianca Denise Layog

             “He backs me up against the wall, his bloodshot eyes glowing in the darkness of the dingy alley. I squirm, I scream, but it is all in vain. His trembling hands, however shaky, grip me like iron. I have no choice but to stare into the depths of his eyes, and in the moonlight I see his flushed skin. Everything is a blur of pain, and soon I am screaming, shaking; everything is unbearable. Far off lights gleam in the distance, so far from my reach. Everything slowly grows fuliginous and faint, as I am unable to think. The last thing I feel through the endless pain is his hands. Nothing but hands, hands, hands everywhere. Then the darkness of the alley envelops my consciousness, and everything goes dark. I awake after an everlasting nightmare, to find my nightmare is far from over. I feel the soreness between my legs, I feel my teenage innocence being ripped from my grasp. I look around, the gravity of my situation not really sinking in. Then the memories, all of it- in all their horror- come rushing back to me, and I reel in disgust of what I have become. I have become an object, and it is as terrifying as I would have assumed it to be. His eyes are forever stuck in my memory, the feel of his greedy hands permanently imprinted into my skin- and as another wave of pure exhaustion comes, and I slip into unconsciousness.”

             This was narrated by a fourteen-year-old rape victim from Davao City. Her case is only one of the 885,445 crimes committed every year as of record. A study shows that for every three children in the Philippines, one suffers from sexual and/or physical abuse. According to the National Demographic Health Survey, one in five women aged 15-49 have experienced physical violence since age fifteen, 14.4 percent of married women have experienced physical abuse from their husbands, and more than 37% of separated women are victims of exploitation. The causers of these horrors? Drug users.

             The Philippine National Police may be doing their bests to eradicate these criminals from the Philippines, but they cannot do it fully without support from the citizens of the country. We all know that this has to stop. We can’t let this happen forever. More and more lives are being affected every day, and although we claim to have nothing to do with it, it is in fact our fault that we are not taking action. Innocence is no longer something you will find in youth today. However, people are so unaware that girls are being ripped from the childhoods they deserve, that they need to have.

             No child should grow with abuse. It is important to the mental and physical health of every kid to have a happy childhood. It is the basis for something greater. We have to take in consideration that these kids are the future of our country, and it is not right to have them affected and abused. Take for example Adolf Hitler, who had such a violent early life that his experiences as being an abused and put down youngster led him to affect the lives of millions. Do we want that to happen again?

             Quoting from the 2006 movie “The Departed”, Jack Nicholson says, “I don’t want to be a product of my environment, I want my environment to be a product of me.” It is the responsibility of every student and citizen to make sure the Philippines, their environment, a better place. Who would want to live unsafely and uncomfortably? To do this, people will need to become vigilant. Being vigilant means knowing what’s happening in the community and staying informed on the latest violent happenings in the country. It also means being keen for danger and staying alert at all times. Let us all solemnly remember that one of these girls could be our very own child. Anything can happen, and by being careful, we can prevent anything horrible from happening. Anyone can help, even in the littlest ways. It is especially hard for the millennials, since they are unable to do many things- but it is possible to help in the PNP’s Anti-Illegal Drug Campaign.

             “Whoever controls the media, controls the minds,” says Jim Morrison. Media is now one of the most booming businesses in the world, and it is also so influential that the public’s opinion depends on it. As much as youth should be careful with what they believe in, social networking and blogging is a popular way to express oneself in today’s fast-paced style of living. Once they have grasped the media, they have basically already convinced people. As the great Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” The majority of the population is so ignorant to what is happening that the PNP and other government organizations are in the fight alone. Media can motivate people to action and the reality is, even the strongest people need help. Their helpers just could be the youth of this generation.

             As Dan Buettner said, “The people you surround yourself with influence your behaviors, so choose friends who have healthy habits.” Another thing that is important is being a good role model. Slowly but surely, more minds will be focused on doing good and productive things rather than crimes. Birds of the same feather flock together, and a busy mind is a happy one. Joining school organizations and encouraging their peers to do the same is something small that could make a big change. “Little things make big things happen.” In this situation, this may very well be true.

             “I was never the same. My life was changed forever, and I am eternally scarred. The horrific experience is something I shall never forget, which is a tragedy- because I would do absolutely anything to erase the memory from my mind,” said the fourteen-year-old.

             There are thousands like her, and we can surely bring those numbers down by doing simple things. It is not an option to remain ignorant. Again, these teenagers are the future of our country. Let’s all make the world a safer place, and for future generations to come.



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