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Category: Editorial - Make America Vile Again By: Caroline Anne Hung

            Pure mayhem as people are forbidden from coming home, are labeled as terrorists, are banned from seeking refuge, and are made to either wait or look for a temporary residence without prior notice.

            This was what the United States looked like when President Donald Trump banned citizens from seven countries from entering the country. He believes that forcing people to stay away from his land of rule just because they’re Muslims by faith would result to a terror-free future. Hooray for racism!

            The person you’d wave hello to, live next to, is friends with – forced out because of his or her religion and race by a racist, homophobic, chauvinist.

            Now, even refugees from war-stricken places are prohibited from entering the country for four months by the president. These people struck by terror are denied protection because they themselves might bring it upon the poor, scared, helpless Americans.

            Is this really the right way to spread injustice and make people suffer? Is it best to judge a group of innocent people who are the very victims of violence by some despicable human being?

            As the ruler of the most powerful country in the world, Donald Trump is, so far, doing an awful job. He spreads racism across the country using unnecessary measures in his lousy, ineffective way of making America great again.

            Instead of making citizens feel safe, Trump seems to be going the other way around. He has duties and responsibilities as the president which he should do in a careful style and not in a reckless, instantaneous method, and yet he is doing the latter.

            This new hero is bent on eradicating terrorism in his country. He hasn’t even realized who the biggest terrorist is and that is himself.



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