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Chiang Kai Shek College Grade 5 Science Olympics

The Chiang Kai Shek College Grade School English Instruction held a Science Olympics last December 12, 2014 at the CKS College Main Gymnasium. It provided an avenue for fifth-graders to demonstrate their basic scientific skills and multiple intelligence.
The inter-section science competition is similar to the popular television show entitled “Amazing race” wherein each team must accomplish different science-related tasks until they finish all of these at the shortest time possible. It is a team competition consisting of five students from each fifth-grade section. A cheering contest is included in the said event.
Winners of the Science OIympics are:
  1. 5-C (Champion)
  2. 5-B (First runner-up)
  3. 5-F (Second runner-up)

Winners of the cheering competition are:

  1. 5-F (Champion)
  2. 5-B (First runner-up)
  3. 5-D (Second runner-up)
This friendly competition is one of the ways in science is learned, applied and enjoyed. All fifth-graders will also be planning and making science banners as their special graded project for this quarter.



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