CKSC and Fujian Normal University Had 2 + 2 IT Signing of Letter of Intent

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After the successful launching of β€œ2 + 2” program in Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Teaching Chinese Language between CKSC and Fujian Normal University four years ago, the two schools once again embarked on a second β€œ2 + 2 IT” project, this time with focus in Information Technology, last July 14 at the Narra campus of the college.

Officials from both Yin Feng Information Technology College, Fujian Normal University and CKSC were present to witness the signing of letter of intent. The actual contract-signing will follow in the near future. Under this contract, Chinese students enrolled in information technology will take the first 2 years at Yin Feng Information Technology College while their junior and senior years will be taken at the Faculty of Business, Arts and Sciences of CKSC. The letter of intent was signed by Dean Huang Xu Ming representing Yin Feng IT College in Fujian Normal University and Dr. Bee Ching U. Ong Kian Koc representing CKSC.