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Changes in the Opening of Classes at Chiang Kai Shek College

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6月13日 (星期四): 培幼園
6月10日 (星期一): 小學部、中學部
6月5日 (星期三): 大學部


本院 Padre Algue 總部將進行的裝修及更新的設備包括:

  1. 中學部及小學部全部課室的黑板換成白板。
  2. 為安全計,課室及辦公室安裝閉路電視。
  3. 中學及小學全部課室安裝多媒體投影機。
  4. 部份課室及通道重新裝修及油漆。
  5. 培幼園課室及日托中心重新裝修及佈置。




The Chiang Kai Shek College, in its continuing thrust to improve its standard of teaching and to upgrade its facilities will have the following changes in the class openings of various levels for the School Year 2013-2014:

Kindergarten: June 13 (Thursday)
Grade School and High School: June 10 (Monday)
College: June 5 (Wednesday)


Some of the renovations and improvement of facilities in the Main Campus include:

  1. Changing of blackboard in all grade school and high school classrooms to whiteboard;
  2. Installing of CCTV cameras inside the classrooms and offices for better security;
  3. Installing of multimedia projectors in all grade school and high school classrooms;
  4. Renovating and repainting of classrooms and selected hallways and corridors; and
  5. Redecorating of kindergarten classrooms and Day Care Center


Aug 8

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Jul 8

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