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Congratulations, October 2017 CPALE Passers!

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Chiang Kai Shek College continues to move forward in its pursuit of excellence as it maintains a strong performance in the CPA Licensure Exams (CPALE). Last October 2017, the school earned a passing rate of 73.33%, compared to the national passing rate of 30.44%. The passing rate for CKSian first-takers is 76.83%. With 92 takers this October 2017, Chiang Kai Shek College's passing rate is 7th highest among schools with more than 50 takers.

In May 2017, CKS College earned a passing rate of 70.59%, as compared to the national passing rate of 35.31%. The College consistently maintains a passing percentage that is higher than the national passing percentage in the licensure exam deemed the toughest in the country.

CPALE National Passing Rate CKS College's Passing Rate
October, 2013 40.84% 80.00%
July, 2014 19.98% 60.00%
October, 2014 37.02% 50.00%
May, 2015 35.78% 45.71%
October, 2015 41.06% 67.61%
May, 2016 42.84% 69.23%
October, 2016 36.48% 52.50%
May, 2017 35.14% 70.58%
October, 2017 30.44% 73.33%

The PRC-Board of Accountancy administered the CPA licensure exams on October 7, 8, 14 and 15, 2017, and released the results on November 2 and announced that 4,511 out of 14,816 takers passed the exams. The four-day exam covered the following subjects:  taxation, regulatory framework for business transactions, auditing, financial accounting and reporting, management advisory services, and advanced financial accounting and reporting.

The new CKSian CPA's are:

Over the years, CKS College has produced various CKSian topnotchers in the CPALE. In May 2015, CKSian Eunice Millicent Li ranked first in the CPA board exams, with a score of 92.29%. Benson Kotah ranked 6thin May 2012, and Jan Marcus Tang ranked 2nd in May 2010. Other CKSian topnotchers are Ms. Elaine Mary Co (15th Placer, May 2006), Mr. Ferdinand Tan (16th Placer, May 2002), Mr. Mark Anthony Ong (16th Placer, October 2001), Mr. Gilbert Lim (16th Placer, October 1996), Ms. Caroly Yu (9th Placer, May 1987), and Mr. Hilario Tan (3rd Placer, October 1986).