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CKS College News

A Shining Jewel

          Chiang Kai Shek College is indeed a home of the champions. Another laurel is added to the crown.

          CKS College family recognized the talent and skills of Keveen Kence Sy Suan in the field of arts. Dr. Rolance R. Chua, the English Academic Director, presented the gold medal award.


          Keveen Kence Sy Suan of Grade 6 Section A is the “Fruitas Kids Fresh Art Contest Winner” for the 7 – 12 years old category, with the theme, “Celebrating Life with Family and Fruitas.” The young artist received a certificate of  recognition and a number of prizes last November 26, 2017 held at Fisher Mall, Quezon City

          He received P5,000.00 worth of art supplies, P3,000.00 cash, P1,000.00 worth of Fruitas Gift Card,  One day free art lesson, Art work is featured on Fruitas Cup.

          Keveen Kence Sy Suan services as an inspiration to youngsters out there to spend their time appropriately, the way it should be.


Colors of Life: Colors of Victory

            Interested students joined the 7th Colors of Life: Colors of Victory, Cocolife Students Visual Arts Competition.  This year’s theme is “Love ♡ Life”.

            Cocolife aspires to recognize love as a multidimensional concept that can be seen in different angles in life.  It also aims to promote the awareness, ideals, qualities, and roles of embracing life with love.

             The students who are good in art were encouraged to participate and interpret what they love the most about life through an artistic, fun, and creative manner of painting.

             Entries were submitted before the deadline.  After two months of waiting patiently and with excitement, the winners and the school were notified.

             From the hundreds of entries submitted all over the country, it is the school’s pride and honor that the three students are included in this year’s roster of winners.  The following students are special prize winners together the titles of their entries:


  • Trisha Danielle Sia 9-A

            “A Celebration of Life”

  • Arabella Aliah Gusayko Chong 9 – A


  • Kimberlee Kence Wong Sy Suan 11 – B


             The awarding ceremony is on December 15, 2017, 2:00 p.m. at Main Gallery, Yuchengco Museum, RCBC Plaza, Makati City.


             Participants shall receive a Certificate of Participation and a Personal Accident Insurance form COCOLIFE,  while certificate of Appreciation will be given to the school.

Congratulations, October 2017 CPALE Passers!

Chiang Kai Shek College continues to move forward in its pursuit of excellence as it maintains a strong performance in the CPA Licensure Exams (CPALE). Last October 2017, the school earned a passing rate of 73.33%, compared to the national passing rate of 30.44%. The passing rate for CKSian first-takers is 76.83%. With 92 takers this October 2017, Chiang Kai Shek College's passing rate is 7th highest among schools with more than 50 takers.

In May 2017, CKS College earned a passing rate of 70.59%, as compared to the national passing rate of 35.31%. The College consistently maintains a passing percentage that is higher than the national passing percentage in the licensure exam deemed the toughest in the country.

CPALE National Passing Rate CKS College's Passing Rate
October, 2013 40.84% 80.00%
July, 2014 19.98% 60.00%
October, 2014 37.02% 50.00%
May, 2015 35.78% 45.71%
October, 2015 41.06% 67.61%
May, 2016 42.84% 69.23%
October, 2016 36.48% 52.50%
May, 2017 35.14% 70.58%
October, 2017 30.44% 73.33%

The PRC-Board of Accountancy administered the CPA licensure exams on October 7, 8, 14 and 15, 2017, and released the results on November 2 and announced that 4,511 out of 14,816 takers passed the exams. The four-day exam covered the following subjects:  taxation, regulatory framework for business transactions, auditing, financial accounting and reporting, management advisory services, and advanced financial accounting and reporting.

The new CKSian CPA's are:

  • Abichuela, Ma. Ednalyn Tapaaganao
  • Alcaraz, Marjorie Faye Montero
  • Angeles, AbrizDagani
  • Añonuevo, Raiza Cabasa
  • Asuncion, Ariane Clarisse Cruz
  • Atiga, Quennie Jane Urriza
  • Austero, Czarina Zaira Segotier
  • Babiera, Maria Jucelle Sosing
  • Bagayas, Nathan Micah Adora
  • Barrera, Gerileen Ramos
  • Bautista, Jerelou Limcaoco
  • Begata, Alaine Gyle Agato
  • Buan, Gem De Guzman
  • Cabrera, Selene Tan
  • Cada, Mary Claire Aguilar
  • Callos, Bea Rozza Avena
  • Calo, Francis Earl Derick Angeles
  • Carbungco, Christelle Castro
  • Castillo, Jeslin Marie Francisco
  • Ching, Clint Mark Encinares
  • Chua, Mikee Marrielle Guiam
  • Codamon, Juliah Mariah Beltran
  • Cura, Nerrice Ellen Joy Songsong
  • David, Anna Patricia Arroyo
  • De Guzman, Kressa Velasco
  • De Leon, Jane Karen Castillo
  • De Veyra, Nathaniel John Cachapero
  • Fabrea, Fatima Faye Flores
  • Fajilan, Patricia Anne Urcia
  • Faustino, Michael Gabriel     
  • Felipe, Russel Jan Adducul
  • Fernando, Hannah Clarisse Gono
  • Ferrer, Gelli-Anne Mae Reyes
  • Gimeno, Amylou Joy Palad
  • In, Bryann Raymart Rabang
  • Jadera, Anna Veronica Salinas
  • Julian, Brian Jasper Esparas
  • Lapuz, Maica Cabañeros
  • Lim, Jacqueline Chee
  • Limsico, Rina Isabel Bustos
  • Llarena, Golda Mier Iglipa
  • Lopez, Fermarie Christine Gabres
  • Lupisan, Jeanne Ezra Marie Catedral
  • Magsalin, Khamil Joyce Vega
  • Mendoza, Tricia Isabelle Rendor
  • Mingming, Jake Ron Palattao
  • Miranda, Mark Julius Sibug
  • Munsayac, Rocheline Joyce Aguinaldo
  • Okafor, Daniela Morales
  • Paje, Lee Louise De Leon
  • Papica,Keanu Aquino
  • Pariñas, Arvin Jasper Manuel
  • Placido, Richel Anne Cheng
  • Ragasa, Maryl Joy Magbojos
  • Rana, Ramon Jr Del Finado
  • Rañola, Aezy Canlas
  • Redillas, Isabella Denise Panganiban
  • Reyes, Julie Ann Lee
  • Sitchon, Elaiza Rae Castro
  • Sumagaysay, Harvey Christian Batisla-on
  • Timbungco, Kimberly Clare Jacildo
  • Torio, Rubylyn Sison
  • Torres, Bernard Jr Roldan
  • Ty, Alexandra Landry Domondon
  • Vizconde, Chloe Anne Endaya
  • Yap, Rebecca Anne

Over the years, CKS College has produced various CKSian topnotchers in the CPALE. In May 2015, CKSian Eunice Millicent Li ranked first in the CPA board exams, with a score of 92.29%. Benson Kotah ranked 6thin May 2012, and Jan Marcus Tang ranked 2nd in May 2010. Other CKSian topnotchers are Ms. Elaine Mary Co (15th Placer, May 2006), Mr. Ferdinand Tan (16th Placer, May 2002), Mr. Mark Anthony Ong (16th Placer, October 2001), Mr. Gilbert Lim (16th Placer, October 1996), Ms. Caroly Yu (9th Placer, May 1987), and Mr. Hilario Tan (3rd Placer, October 1986).


CKS College ITE Research Awarded Best Presentation in the 2017 ICSTE

The 9th International Conference on Software Technology and Engineering (ICSTE) was held last October 27-29, 2017, at the University of Hong Kong – Graduate House. At the same time, the annual editorial board meeting of the Journal of Software (JSW) was also held. Mr. Lester Hao, CKS College Program Head of the School of Information Technology Education, presented a paper entitled Trigonometry with ProjectMEC: A Courseware and Student Performance Evaluation. The paper discussed the use of computer-aided instruction as an intervention tool in attempts to observe its effect on the performance of students in College Trigonometry. The study not only dwelled within the domain of Information Technology with the development and evaluation of the ProjectMEC courseware, but also posed implications for Mathematics Education through the integration of technology into the teaching-learning experience.

During the conference dinner, Mr. Hao was awarded the Best Presentation for the Software Design and Theory session. Moreover, the said paper was published in the Journal of Software (Vol. 12, Num. 11). The JSW is indexed by DBLP, EBSCO, DOAJ, ProQuest, and INSPEC, among others.

This achievement would not have been possible without the support of CKS College and ITE faculty members, especially Mr. Alvin Ray Estiva (CKS College ITE professor) and Dr. Arnel Fajardo (Academic Consultant for IT), who co-authored the said paper, in collaboration with student researchers Mr. Kendrick Kee and Mr. Marlon Tin. May this further enhance the research culture within CKS College!

中正學院協辦岷私校行政員協會 慶祝「菲語月」比賽摘金又奪銀



「菲語月Buwan ng Wika」是一個非常熱鬧有趣的活動。每一年的主題都不相同,今年的語言月主題是「菲語功能多元化-Pilipino:Wikang Mapagbago」,並在活動中舉辦了「能力才華大賽」。

此次的活動是由APPSAM (岷私立中學行政人員協會)、MAPESA (岷私立小學行政人員協會)及 MAPPRESA (岷私立幼教行政人員協會)所舉辦。對中正學院來說,這次的活動有著非凡的意義,因為本院有幸被選為活動的東道主。


首先是歌唱比賽,蔡金煌 (Sandra Marley Chua), 一名小學四年級的學生,從小就熱愛唱歌,在比賽過程中,發揮了超常的水準,用動人的歌聲擊敗了其他的參賽者,取得了第一名的好成績,這也多虧了她的指導老師,Mrs. Shirley Bolodo的用心訓練;而在講故事比賽中,

蔡文明 (Jven V.Acuna),作為一名小學二年級的學生,站在舞臺上並沒有膽怯,而是沉穩不緊張,用心的講述了他所準備的故事,最終打動了評審們,獲得了第二名的好成績,他的指導老師是Mrs. Gina Carillo。

佘彥琳(Trisha Danielle Sia)是本校九年級的學生,憑著她奇思妙想的創新,製作出萬分精彩的海報,以98高分在所有的作品中脫穎而出,得到了金牌。指導老師是Ms.Sheena Fausto。

另外,本校由十年級至十二年級的學生所組成的舞蹈隊,在現代舞蹈比賽中,以嫻熟的舞技,精彩的展現了舞蹈的魅力,得到評審們的一致的讚賞,獲得了第三名的好成績,指導是鄭雙金老師、Mr. Marco A.Diwa 及Ms.Abegail B.Brual。


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