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PSBank to Provide Educational Assistance to CKSC & ACFSP

In celebration of its 48th Anniversary this September, PSBank, a member of the Metrobank group, will provide scholarship grant worth Php 580,000 to 48 underprivileged but deserving students for this school year 2008-2009.

To be known as PSBank Educational Assistance Program, the grant aims to provide access to education to 38 grade school and/or high school students from the member schools in the Metro Manila area of the Association of Chinese-Filipino Schools in the Philippines (ACFSP), and 10 college students from Chiang Kai Shek College. Each ACFSP scholar will be given financial assistance of P10,000 per year while each CKSC scholar will receive assistance of P10,000 per semester.

College scholars will be given priority hiring status and invitation for practicum from PSBank. Interested students may inquire from their school administration on how to avail of the scholarship.

PSBank, with its P6.6 billion capital also supports World Vision Foundation, Resources for the Blind and the Chosen Children Foundation for the benefit of indigent children, the visually-impaired and the handicapped.
Thank you, amaIBC13(菲 中 台) for covering the event!



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