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 Grade School - CKSC

Chiang Kai Shek College | 菲律濱中正學院

CKS College (中正大學)

Progress Through Education

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Admission Requirements: Bridging Program

The BSA Bridging Program is designed to provide BS - Management Accounting graduates of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) with further training as they pursue a second degree in BS in Accountancy at CKS College.

Applicants should be scheduled to graduate from UST by the end of the school year prior to the school year of admission and entry to CKS College.

  • Secure and submit the Application for Entrance Examination Form from the Admissions Office or from BSA Bridging Program Consultant, Mr. Ivan Bagayao.

  • Submit the accomplished Application Form and the applicant's unofficial Transcript of Records (including grades up to the 1st Semester of School Year 2016-2017, and indicating subjects currently enrolled).

  • Pay the Application fee (P250.00) at the Cashier's Office or through Mr. Ivan Bagayao.

  • Present the Official Receipt to the Admissions Office and secure an Entrance Examination Permit.

  • Schedule Entrance Examination with the Guidance Office.

  • Take the Entrance Examination on the date and in the room assigned by the Guidance Counselor. Bring I.D. and Entrance Examination Permit.

  • Take the Qualifying Exam on the scheduled date and time. Bring I.D. and Entrance Examination Permit.

  • There shall only be one batch of Qualifying Exam takers every year.

  • Submit the following requirements prior to enrollment:

    • Honorable Dismissal

    • Transcript of Records

    • Two photocopies of Birth Certificate (NSO) / ICard / Certification of Naturalization for naturalized citizens

    • Two copies of the applicant's latest 1x1 colored photo

    • Certificate of Good Moral Character

  • To stay in the program, successful applicants should:

    • Abide by the rules and regulations of the college, as stated in the CKS College student handbook.

    • Students who accumulate 9 units of failing grades (5.0) shall be disqualified from the program.


** Coverage of Qualifying Examination (Bridging Program)

BSMA-BSA Bridging Program Flyer (1)


BSMA-BSA Bridging Program Flyer (2)

BSMA-BSA Bridging Program Flyer (3)

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小學,初中 「六日學習單元週期」

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 9月18日 (星期一)  

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 9月19日 (星期)

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 9月20日 (星期)

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