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Preschool (Montessori)

       Montessori Program consists of the following:  Pre-Nursery Class, Nursery Class, Pre-Kinder Class, and Kindergarten Class. It provides an educational environment tailored to the needs of the students. It implements a child-centered approach of learning. The students use specially-designed Montessori learning  materials. It highly aims to develop the students to work independently and to learn their lessons through manipulative and observation techniques. Montessori Approach generally focuses on the students' development in these five areas of learning:  Practical Life Skills, Sensorial, Math, Culture, and Language.

      Montessori Program also includes Chinese lessons, using Fookien  dialect as the medium of instruction.


May 12

Revised schedule for BrainFit Junior Program

Apr 21

Changes in the Schedule of School Year-End Activities

Apr 20

中正學院各部訂期 舉行畢業典禮及結業式


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