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Teacher Certificate Program

General Objective :

The CKS College Teacher Education program aims to graduate globally competitive professional and competent teachers who are responsive educators to the needs of both the academic community where they will be engaged.


Specific Objectives :

  1. To provide the Filipino-Chinese educational institutions with teachers who are competent in the Chinese, English, and Filipino languages;
  2. To develop teachers who are competent in the teaching of Chinese language, and the other major areas in teacher education;
  3. To develop teachers who can reflect among their students an integrated view of Filipino and Chinese cultural values;
  4. To prepare the students for intellectual, political, and cultural leadership; and
  5. To foster an understanding of the role of teachers in the formation of the youth as future citizens of the country.


Programs :


Jun 21

Students' registration for the In-house Mentoring Program starts on June 27, 2017

Jun 8

Schedule of first day of classes and parents orientation for Academic Year 2017-2018

Jun 7

CKS College In-House Mentoring Program Guidelines


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