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 CKS College News - CKSC

Chiang Kai Shek College | 菲律濱中正學院

CKS College (中正大學)

Progress Through Education

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CKS College News

Aleli Jilian L. Sia Graduated Cum Laude From U.P.

Aleli Jilian L. Sia, a CKSC high school batch 2003 graduated cum laude from the University of the Philippines with the degree Bachelor of Science in Biology. Her thesis, “Anti-Atherosclerotic Effect of Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) on Hypercholesterolemic Male Rats (Rattus norvergicus)” was awarded as best thesis. Aleli was a consistent honor student during her studies at Chiang Kai Shek College, having graduated as Valedictorian in both Grade School Class of 1999 and High School Class of 2003. She is also an active member of the well-known Chiang Kai Shek College Youth Choir under Ms. Irma Tan Su.

Henry Jefferson C. Morco Tops the Asia-Pacific Math Olympiad for Primary Schools

Henry Morco Jefferson, a grade six pupil recently competed in the 2007 Asia-Pacific Math Olympiad in Singapore last May 24. 5, 927 students from 13 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Brunei, Hong Kong, the Philippines, etc. participated in the 12 years old age limit. Questions in the quiz included Geometry, Algebra, Number Theory, etc. Henry topped the contest in his age bracket.

Brandon Willis W. Sing Draws for the European Commission

Brandon Willis W. Sing, a grade four student of CKSC recently joined the drawing contest on “Global Gender Equality” organized by the European Commission and the National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women. The awarding ceremony was held at the Podium in Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City last May 8, 2007. Brandon was one of the ten winners among one hundred entries who submitted their work all over the countries in the age 8

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Jan 10

Grades 11 to 12 (SY 2017-2018): Midterm Examination Schedule

Dec 1

Grades 1 to 10 (SY 2017-2018): 2nd Periodic Exam Schedule


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小學,初中 「六日學習單元週期」

 Jan 22 (Mon)
 1月22日 (星期一)  

 Day 1

 Jan 23 (Tue)
 1月23日 (星期)
 Day 2

 Jan 17 (Wed)
 1月17日 (星期)

 Day 4

 Jan 18 (Thurs)
日 (星期)

 Day 5

 Jan 19 (Fri)
 1月19日 (星期)

 Day 6

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