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 Student Life - CKSC

Chiang Kai Shek College | 菲律濱中正學院

CKS College (中正大學)

Progress Through Education

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FBAS Teachers' Day Celebration

From countless seminars organized by the school and various organizations for the students, along came the day when we celebrated and recognized the people whom we fondly call our second parents, the people whom we gain knowledge from & the people whom we shall remember for the rest of our lives, who taught, applauded, corrected, challenged, and influenced our thoughts, words, and deeds inside the school---our teachers.

Together with the Department of Student Affairs and various organizations, the Student Executive Council created a simple yet timeless event for CKSC-FBAS teachers. On the 26th day of September 2013, the annual teachers’ day celebration was held. This year’s theme was entitled “Walking Down Memory Lane: A Blast from the Past” which was inspired by the 70's and the 80's. The event was hosted by Student Executive Council’s very own, Ms. Kimberly Lagunday and Mr. Dominik Riano.

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FBAS Computer Society Invades Techtutor 5 – The Gamification of Education Seminar

Last September 24, 2013, members and non-members of the CKSC-FBAS Computer Society attended the seminars of TECHTUTOR 5 entitled “The Gamification of Education” held at the SM Mall of Asia ARENA.

The topies covered by the event are Breakthrough Technologies of 2012-2013, The Gamification of Education, Augmented Reality: Revisited and Security is the new 'S' in Success, Wave of the Future - What to be excited about with Technology?, Windows 8.1 – More than just a revision and Office 365: Bringing the benefits of cloud productivity for free to studentsby a representative of Microsoft, The Power of your Voice - Be Creative,and The Art of Voice Acting for Animation and Gaming. The speakers were Mr. Jerry Liao and Mr. Pocholo Gonzales.

Techtutor 5 is a joint undertaking among Acer, AMA University, Brother, Canon, Dell, EnGenius, Fuji Film, Globe, HP, I Secure Networks Inc., Kaspersky lab, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, and Wordtext Systems Inc.

Piso Jumpstart Seminar

Boooooom!!! That is what’s happening in the stock market here in the Philippines right now. And as more people become more fascinated with the stock market, the Junior Management Society invited Accord Capital to conduct a seminar, entitled “PISO Jumpstart.”

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ASEAN 2015: The Future Ahead of Us

The “Towards ASEAN 2015” seminar was conducted by the Junior Management Society on the 19th of September 2013 at the CKSC-AVR.  The speaker for this seminar was Mr. Edilberto Viray. He is a graduate of and a current professor in San Beda College. 80 students and special guests attended the said seminar.

He has received several awards and recognitions. He was awarded the 2013 Outstanding Business Educator in the Field of Economics by The Philippine Council of Deans and Educators in Business. He has also published books such as the Principles of Economics with Taxation and Agrarian Reform and Principles of Management. (Read more at

FBAS Seminar - Look Your Best: Suit Up!

As CKSC-FBAS seniors prepare to graduate from school in March and start a brand new chapter in their lives, it is important for them to know how a person should dress properly in the corporate world. In light of this, the Senior Organization invited Ms. Julia Robillos to deliver a talk on how CKSCians can look their best in the workplace. The seminar was held at the AVR, CKSC Narra campus on September 18, 2013.

The AVR was filled with senior students, as they learned how the proper corporate attire can help them create a good first impression during job interviews. Ms. Robilos also picked from among the audience the students who donned on the best corporate attire. The winners were Mr. Christian Wilhelm Uy and Ms. Wanna Liu, both 4th year BSBA-Management students.(See more photos at

Wong, Sy Make CKSC Grade School Proud

Two more CKSC grade school students brought honor to their Alma Mater.

Last September 14, 2013, grade six student Timothy Bryan Wong won 2nd Place in the individual category of the annual competition conducted by Ateneo Mathematics Society dubbed “Sipnayan 15”, with the theme "Go The Distance". He received a silver medal and a certificate.

Grade five student Ryan Jericho Sy was also invited by the Mathematics Development Academy of the Philippines to represent the Philippines in the Malaysia National Mathematical Olympiad Competition 2013 Invitational Event in Kedah, Malaysia last September 13-15, 2013. He won a bronze medal in the event, competing against contestants who are mostly grade six students from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the Philippines. Ryan Sy was among eight students representing the Philippines to this event. Last August, he also won a gold medal win in the 9th International Mathematics Competition (IMC) held in Singapore.


Another Harvest of Winners for CKSC

CKSC students continue bringing honor to their Alma Mater!

Math prodigy Clyde Wesley Ang notched a perfect score in the 2013 Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC), earning for himself the Peter O'Halloran certificate, an award given in honor of the AMC founder Peter O'Halloran.  Only five students from the Philippines achieved this enormously difficult feat.

Grade six student Timothy Bryan Wong was declared  Champion in the Whiz Kids ’13, conducted last September 18 by the National Teachers College in line with their 85th Founding Anniversary celebration. Nineteen public and private schools in Metro Manila joined the competition. A qualifying round was held in the morning and Timothy Wong got the highest score among the competitors. Ten qualifiers battled during the Final Round held in the afternoon. Timothy Bryan Wong emerged as Champion, winning a cash prize of five thousand pesos and medallion. A trophy was also awarded to the school and a cash prize of one thousand five hundred pesos was given to the coach.


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